I’ve been thinking a lot about introversion recently, mainly in terms of the ways in which I can better understand and work more successfully with the people I coach, mentor, tutor or work with to develop bespoke leadership or entrepreneurship programmes.  Myers Briggs tells me that I sit bang in the middle between Extrovert and Introvert and I now know that this is called an ambivert.  I learned this from a fascinating TED talk ‘The Power of Introverts’ by Susan Cain, a former corporate lawyer and negotiations consultant and a self-described introvert.  Along with what she calls ‘the year of speaking dangerously’ which I think is a brilliant way to get over an aversion to public speaking, she has three great calls for action.  The TED talk has been around for a couple of years but definitely worth a look and totally justifies keeping my books in a suitcase but encourages me to take them out and share sometimes.