Author / Nicola Turner

January 22, 2015

Being ‘Better’

For the last few years I’ve avoided the post Christmas New Year rush to new me-dom by carefully arranging to be in the US or Australia in January. This year I’ve been here and I’ve absorbed the full onslaught of the pressure of being fitter, thinner, more organised, happier, more successful in 2015.   This does have the adverse …

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November 13, 2014

Creativity, Leadership and Introverts

I’ve been thinking a lot about introversion recently, mainly in terms of the ways in which I can better understand and work more successfully with the people I coach, mentor, tutor or work with to develop bespoke leadership or entrepreneurship programmes.  Myers Briggs tells me that I sit bang in the middle between Extrovert and Introvert …

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July 28, 2014

Summer Thinking

Just back from being coached and feeling full of ideas and motivation for the summer and beyond.  Planning a trip to Australia to attend the Accelerate intensive session and to meet up with good friends, a new project and some exploratory conversations to build on existing work.  After a really useful planning session my insightful …

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